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The Blue Planet
  • Video Description
    DVD Special Features:
    Making Waves--The Making of The Blue Planet
    Deep Trouble--Ecological Documentary
    Blue--Five-minute theatrical short
    Exclusive interviews with the Production Team
    Photo Gallery
    Subtitles: English SDH
    Dolby Digital Stereo

    From the Back Cover
    The Blue Planet is the first ever comprehensive series on the natural history of the world's oceans. The extraordinary images of this marine epic reveal the sea at its most fearsome and alluring, exposing some of its best kept secrets. Enter a world of breathtaking beauty and discover new species, visit unseen habitats and witness stories of survival never before caught on camera.

    Programme 1: The Blue Planet The oceans remain in the most part an unexplored mystery. This episode introduces the viewer to the series. Touching on all aspects of the oceans it reveals the sheer scale, power and complexity of The Blue Planet.

    Programme 2: The Deep Of all the ocean habitats, the deep ocean remain s the least known. An eerie world where animals play hide and seek. Predators with massive teeth and enormous mouths lurk like patient rat-traps, waiting for their prey to come to them.

    Programme 3: Open Ocean The search for life in the immense space of op en ocean. Endless blue stretches in every direction. In this marine desert there is nothing save the burning sun above and the blackened abyss below--yet here live many of the most spectacular predators in the ocean.

    Programme 4: Frozen Seas For the first time the bitter, frozen worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic are compared. Here the annual freeze and retreat of the sea ice governs the pace of life. With winter temperatures plummeting to 70 C below freezing relief only comes with Spring--it is a brief respite.

    Programme 5: Seasonal Seas Following the seasons of the year, this programme explores the effects of the changing power of the sun on marine life in t he richest of all the ocean's habitats, the temperate seas.

    Programme 6: Coral Seas Bathed in warm, clear tropical water and brilliant sunlight, coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea. An oasis amongst the desert of the ocean floor. This is the story of coral, from formation into a reef, to ultimate and devastating destruction.

    Programme 7: Tidal Seas Tides dominate marine life, dictating precisely where and when many will breed. Tidal marshes are also one of the most productive parts of the world, yet life is not easy ...

    Programme 8: Coasts The world above the tide line is possibly the most dynamic habitat in the oceans. Constantly in flux, the coasts have few permanent residents but many must return from the open ocean to breed.

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