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On the DVD: The Matrix Reloaded two-disc set amazingly has very little in-depth stuff on this physically impressive movie; there's not even a commentary track. Perhaps the Wachowski Brothers want to keep their enigmatic aura, or perhaps there's a better DVD coming after the trilogy ends? Best here is the 30-minute feature on the incredible freeway chase: here you get the inside scoop on how the titanic 12-minute sequence was put together. There's plenty of material on the second disc, but it's just filler, with the actors talking about how great it is to work again with the Matrix team and plenty of quick edits of explosions and other "cool" things. There's a segment on product placement, 30 minutes on how the video game was created and the MTV Movie Awards parody. The features feel more like pre-movie hype than post-film deconstruction. Dolby 5.1 sound is suitably spectacular--but there's no DTS option--and the super-wide 2.40:1 picture is, of course, pin-sharp, bringing out all the lavish detail and highlighting the contrast between the green-hued Matrix and the grimy grey real world. -- Doug Thomas

Neo, Trinity and Morpheus lead a revolt against the Machine Army as it attacks Zion. Their aim is to fight against the forces of repression and exploitation in an attempt to save the human race. Zion is the last human city on Earth and in their quest they gain more information on the workings of the Matrix.


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Once again the graphics outstretched the story, and for this day and age the FX did not exceed that of most movies. The continuing saga of the movie requires that you have seen the first one to get the proper back ground information. As with Keanu Reeves’ portrayal of Siddhartha in "Little Buddha" (1994), this time a change of costume and he must deal with impermanence and the Vedic cycles. Super imposed on this gem of understanding is excessive action that would rival that of “Kung Pow! Enter the Fist” (2002). Neo is supposed to be “The One” according to prophecy. According to Morpheus he is to lead the people out of bondage. Is the oracle what she appears to be? Will Neo, in the midsts of endless kicking and shooting, go on to fulfill his destiny? Or will the love of Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) interfere? Oh did I forget to mention DVD disk two? Good. It is a long advertisement with no new insight to enhance the movie viewing.

By User - bernie from Arlington, Texas USA

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