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High Noon
Gary Cooper won the Oscar for Best Actor in this classic tale of a lawman who stands alone to defend a town of righteous cowards in the greatest showdown in the history of cinema. The film also marks the first starring role for a beautiful young actress--Grace Kelly.


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This movie is different from a John Wayne movie. The heroe admits he's afraid. There's no Elmer Bernstein orchestra blaring the credit, just Merle Travis playing the guitar, Cliffie Stone on bass, while Tex Ritters sings. There's none of the John Ford's great scenery. The west looks desolate in this movie. And little action. That's a warning to all teens who think that something has to blow up every few minutes. This a Frank Capra western, except unlike "It's A Wonderful Life" where the friends come to rescue to hero, everyone forgets the heroe. Sure they talk about what a good man he is, but noone wants to help except a fourteen year old boy and a one eye man. Worse of all, as they train comes a running and the clock ticking, the Marshall has to worry about his Quaker wife deserting him. Great suspense! A train that will bring your sworn enemy to you and takes your love away from you.

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