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On the DVD: The 25th anniversary special edition of Grease rolls back the years: the 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen presentation transports you instantly back to fifth-form heaven in the local fleapit. The Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound ensures that the songs--ever the staple of MOR radio--complete the nostalgia trip with real zip. The main extra is a short series of fond reminiscences from the actors and director Randal Kleiser, actually filmed for the 20th anniversary. --Piers Ford

A musical extravaganza set in the 1950s which follows the fortunes of a group of high school students facing graduation.


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Contrary to my previous review i have actually taken a liking to Grease. After i had watched it a few more times i sort of saw the light as you might say and now i have no quarms about watching it again and again. As you probably know, 'chemistry' on screen cannot just appear even with the vest actors, it is just there to start with. Two people in Grease that definatly have on screen 'chemistry' are John and Olivia. They just have 'it' and that goes together with the rest of the well picked cast to make an amazing film. Altogether this is probably the best musical there is and i recommend that you buy it.

By User - no1filmaddict from UK

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