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El Dorado
A gunfighter for hire, Cole Thornton, turns down a job to assist a reckless cattle rancher, Bart Jason, because it would mean turning against an old friend, who is the sheriff of the town. Cole cleans up his friend from alcohol abuse and together they defend the farmers from the threat of Bart Jason and his mercenaries.


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This is an unashamed remake of Rio Bravo that really does came off. For me, El Dorado, Rio Bravo and The Searchers all have at least this in common. When you've finished watching them you feel highly rewarded, but can't necessarily identify why. In El Dorado John Wayne's interaction comes over much stronger with Bob Mitchum than it did with Dean Martin in Rio Bravo. In part it may have been the scripts, but here we have some really strong performances. Unfortunately for James Caan, Wayne and Mitchum both have such tremendous screen presence that he is really up against it. Nevertheless he produces a character that is strong, essential, and entertaining, even though at times you do feel that it's only because Duke Wayne was feeling deposed towards letting him have the space necessary to make it happen. Mitchum on the other hand creates his own space whether Wayne likes it or not. Quite definitely a film for the private collection to be pulled out when you're feeling down and want a pick-me-up. Best viewed after dark with a glass of wine.

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