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On the DVD: Die Another Day arrives on disc in a transfer that makes some of the CGI look less dodgy than it did in cinemas. The first disc includes two separate commentaries: an interesting, enthusiastic technical one with Tamahori and producer Michael Wilson, and a blander drone from Brosnan with input from "bad girl" actress Rosamund Pike. On Disc Two the main extra is "Inside Die Another Day", a 75-minute making-of with the usual 007 DVD extra mix of boosterism and solid background how-the-hell-they-did-it info. The "Region 2 exclusive" turns out to be another making-of, a video diary effort that takes a more interesting, wry approach to the mix of enterprise and chaos that is the Bond production machine. -- Kim Newman

James Bond after being imprisoned and tortured in North Korea for over a year, wins his freedom when M bargains for his release. Out for revenge Bond is hot on the heels of Zao, the agent who captured him and Gustav Graves, a unscrupulous tycoon who threatens the safety of the entire world.


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The 20th Bond! 40 years of the slick, suave, BRITISH spy! Heck, you wouldn't know it from this turkey. I emphasise Bond is British, because in this film poor old Pierce has been transformed into a kind of Celtic version of your run of the mill Japanese / American anti-hero. Boasting big stunts, big scenes, villains as nasty as they come, and obviously a Hong Kong director, the whole historical dynasty of James Bond has been downsized into this grubby action movie which quite possibly was a ready made script waiting for Arnie, Tom or Bruce to sign up for it. Some bright spark thought of making it a Bond script, and hey presto! You get Bond being captured and tortured for months, Russians and Chinese taking over the world etc etc. Halle Berry provides the ONLY overt reference to previous Bonds with her Ursula Andress scene, but otherwise its a two hour long advert for phones, cars, etc. The "cliffhanger" ending is the ultimate disappointment.

By User - joalem from Cheshire, UK

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