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Bugsy Malone

On the DVD: Bugsy Malone's picture is presented non-anamorphically at 1.66:1, with rich colours and plenty of detail. The print is excellent. The audio is stereo only and while full and clear seems to leave a hole in the middle of the soundstage. Extras include an informative commentary by Parker, eight pages of trivia notes by Parker and a very informative 12-page booklet, also by the director. There are three trailers, nine character profiles, two scored galleries, and more imaginatively, a multi-angle option to compare Parker's sketches, their comic-strip realisation by Graham Thomson and the finished opening sequence. Quality over quantity make this a strong collection of extras, though recollections from the stars would have added so much more. --Gary S. Dalkin

Original and entertaining Roaring 20s gangster musical with an all-child cast.


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As an avid Paul Williams fan I have always found Bugsy Malone full of some great songs and images. With the release of the DVD it was fascinating to see and hear what Alan Parker has to say about the film. He paints a wonderful picture of the challenge taken on by all the crew in putting the movie together. Managing such a large number of young people and receiving the pre-recoded songs only a days before the actors filmed. The work of a genius or a mad man...or a bit of both.

By User - David Chamberlayne from Conwy, Conwy Wales

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