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Bestowing Jim Carrey with godlike powers is a ripe recipe for comedy, and Bruce Almighty delivers the laughs that Carrey's mainstream fans prefer. The high-concept premise finds Carrey playing Bruce Nolan, a frustrated Buffalo TV reporter, stuck doing filler stories while a lesser colleague (the hilarious Steven Carell) gets the anchor job he covets. Bruce demands an explanation from God, who pays him a visit (in the serene form of Morgan Freeman) and lets Bruce take over while he takes a brief vacation. What does a petty, angry guy do when he's God? That's where Carrey has a field day, reuniting with his Ace Ventura and Liar, Liar director, Tom Shadyac, while Jennifer Aniston gamely keeps pace as Bruce's put-upon fiancée. Carrey's actually funnier before he becomes God, and the movie delivers a sappy, safely diluted notion of faith that lacks the sincerity of the 1977 hit Oh, God!. Still, we can be thankful that Carrey took the high road and left Little Nicky to Adam Sandler. --Jeff Shannon

Bruce Nolan, a man who is not satisfied with his life flies into a rage with God after a particularly bad day. However God hears what Bruce has to say and gives him the chance to do a better job... Bruce takes full advantage of his new powers but after a week God pays him a visit to tell him that unless he has improved life on Earth the world will be discarded...

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