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Bowling For Columbine
  • Synopsis
    A profile of how Gun Culture has swept across America.
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    Region 2
  • From the Back Cover
    With his trademark charm and biting wit, award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore sets off on a rollicking journey to the heart of America, hoping to discover why the American pursuit of happiness is so riddled with mass violence.

    From the recorded tapes from the security cameras in the cafeteria in the morning of the massacre at Columbine High to the seriously injured Columbine students who take on the major corporation which sold the bullets that are now imbedded in their spines, to the Beverly Hills home of Charlton Heston, heart of the National Rifle Association. Moore boldly asks a question that post September 11, no other American dare ask: "Are we a nation of gun nuts – or are we just nuts?"

    For Americans, it is a damningly funny indictment of a culture of fear that is armed to the teeth and running amuck. For everyone else, it is a humourous warning about what could happen to any country that chooses the American Way of creating a massive permanent underclass that must be fought off with a constitutionally-protected Uzi.

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