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Ericsson UK is a subsidiary of the Swedish based L.M. Ericsson Group, which was established in 1898. Ericsson continues to develop its focus on the UK as the most deregulated, competitive and mature market in the world. Ericsson are one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones and will continue this growth within the UK. Ericsson became Sony Ericsson, a 50:50 joint venture of Sony Corporation and Ericsson AB, and was established in October 2001.


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Posted on 07 / 07 / 2003

Sony Ericsson T610

I have just bought the Sony Ericsson T610 mobile from 'The Link' and I got it on the pay monthly call package. The list of what this mobile includes is massive and it just looks so cool and hi tech, you get features like it being WAP Compatible, GPRS Compatible, 300 minutes Talktime, 350 hours Standby Time, Vibracall, Blue Tooth Compatible, Voice Memo, Voice Dial stores 20 ringtones and the handset only weighs 95 g. Furthermore it includes a camera with the lens being in the back and you can also use the bright 65,000-colour screen as a viewfinder. The mobile is currently on the Vodafone network as I prefer it to Orange and because I'm a United fan I like to support the sponsor of my team. A great buy for anyone who loves the latest technology like me.

User Rating -
Pauline Marven, Eastbourne

Sony Ericsson K700i

User rating - - The phone will do almost anything you could want from it. The bluetooth is great for sharing MP3 files and the sound quality is pretty good due to the adjustable 3band graphic equaliser. It can be a bit slow at displaying picture files when you've got a few in there, but the quality is good and the video is ok. The keys are too close to the bottom of the phone, so if you have big hands like me you may find it hard to keep hold of when trying to dial. Sony still need to provide the option to make text alerts MP3's. Navigating the phone will feel difficult to those who use other makes of phone, although it is logical and more like looking for files on a computer. If you want a shiny phone that will also be a personal organiser, mini MP3 player and can share files wirelessly, this is the one for you.

By User - Alex

Sony Ericsson T630

User rating - - A good all round phone, made better by bluetooth capacity. would be better if text tone could be changed to a downloaded tone but takes nothing away froma good alround mobile.

By User - Ross

Sony Ericsson T630

User rating - - This phone is good but the memory is really small the camera is good but useless when in dark places, on the good side its a good looking phone.

By User - Ron

Sony Ericsson Z600

User rating - - It is the best one in mobiles because it has so many functions so it is the best.

By User - syed ijaz hussain shah

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