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DVD was first used for movies, there is more storage room than other media storage types like cds. They are also able to record movies on them that are over 3 hours long on one side. DVDs are now available in most of your rental video stores, and can be bought at most of your local stores like, Tesco and Blockbuster video rental stores. Now is the time to change from a video player to a dvd player. It looks like the video player is dying like beta did. You can also pick up DVD players for under £40 from top shops such as Comet, Currys and Tesco.

Dvd essentially has these properties,

  • bigger, faster than CD.
  • hold cinema-like video.
  • better-than-CD audio.
  • canstore still photos, and computer data.

Dvd players also usually support,

  • language choice
  • playback: such as pause, step, slow, fast, and scan.
  • random play and repeat play.
  • parental lock
  • playback of audio CDs.
  • playback of selected sections in a desired sequence.
  • recognition of DTS Digital Surround audio
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