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On this page you can leave reviews about information about the camcorder or digital camcorder you have just bought or own. Are you probably already know, camcorders are used to record any event you wish, either on film or digitally. These days the majority of camcorders sold are digital, and are not bulky and low quality like in the past. The different varieties of camcorders currently are,

  • 8mm, offers VHS quality recordings. very cheap.
  • Hi8, offers VHS quality twice that of 8mm.
  • Digital 8, offers picture quality 20 times that of 8mm.
  • DV/Micro MV.
  • DVD Digital, copies direct onto DVDs, and is of dvd quality.

Some things you should look for on a digital camcorder,

  1. Vario Sonar lens quality
  2. Backlight compensation, prevents silhouetting.
  3. CCD, converts light into electronic signals. Provides excellent quality pictures
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    With a huge range of over 2000 products online Dixons have a great selection of Camcorders online at cheap prices.
  • Empire Direct
    Is one of the top computer based web sites in the UK. You can also search them for a great range of digital comcorders and plenty of other things.

Posted on 08 / 09 / 2003

Sony DCR-TRV33

The shame about the Sony DCR-TRV33, is the screen size of 2.5-inch compared to the TRV38 of 3.5 inches. I bought the TRV33 within a week of the TRV38 being released and because I bought online I had no one to ask about future models being released. So buying online isn't always the best ploy. The TRV33 best quality in my eyes is the picture quality when shooting video or recording through its analog inputs. When recording off DirecTV receiver, the picture quality is substantially better than even my Sony VCR can produce. The 10x optical zoom is good and the 120x digital zoom magnification is so powerful you will never need it and also because the picture becomes unwatchable at full 120x. What I noticed right away, like any of the Sony camcorders, is the great sound quality. There is very little motor noise generated by the video heads so your video sounds great. You may need to get a battery of larger capacity, however because the one supplied doesn't last. Of course TRV33 is cheaper than the TRV38 with the same functionality, but I would still have loved the 3.5 screen. The only reason I gave this camcorder 4 four stars instead of 5 stars is because of the supplied battery, because it's a superb camcorder overall.

User Rating -
Robin Snell, Newquey

Posted on 22 / 09 / 2003

Sony DCR-TRV245

This is the first time I have actually bought a camcorder,and I decided to go for this one because of the 'USB streaming' function. This facility is great for still images, but when I captured the moving video via the USB port,it was very choppy and jerky, like a webcam. I was naturally a bit disappointed by this, but this problem was soon sorted when I purchased a 'firewire' card for £30. This is easily fitted to a computer, and using this to download the video sorts the problem out. The
video is now perfect on the P.C, so I can now burn the video's to VCD. However, if you have no intention of putting your video to a computer, and just want to transfer it to a videotape, you will have no problems at all. Overall, I am very happy with the Sony DCR-TRV245 camcorder. It is
simple to use, and the quality of video footage is very good. It is also a lot cheaper than some of the other cameras I have looked at, and believe me, I shopped around! Don't be fooled by the 'USB' streaming though - if you want to put your video on your P.C, you may as well buy a firewire card at the same time as you buy the camera.

User Rating -
Den Machan, Liverpool

Canon MV600i

User rating - - A fairly good low end user camcorder. It does enough to satisfy most things and the ease of operation is pretty good. Simple enough that a ten year old can use it, yet complicated enough to make effects etc. I have mounted this camcorder on my motorcycle and it takes pretty good shots through the tinted screen without any loss of picture quality. It is able to somehow compensate for shake and this is usefull when riding at speed on our countrys rubbish potholed roads. It has been on the continent and works very well of Euro roads. (These are all better quality than our roads mores the pity). I rate this a an 8/10 camera and am pleased to have it.

By User - Si


User rating - - I used this camcorder approximatly 6 times over 12 months maybe a total of 45 minutes of recording time. screen and view finder went black, still records, just records black. Customer support told me they were sorry over and over again but I was pretty much out of luck. I was qualified for the flat rate repair fee of only £269.00 after many supervisors I was informed I now qualified for another flat rate fee for repair £216.00. After I informed them that this was still unacceptable they told me they were sorry again and to have a nice day. I would not recommend a sony product to anyone because it is clear they don't care if the customer is satisfied or not. 0 out of 5. Very very very bad

By User - David


User rating - - I've had my camcorder for approximately 18 months. Over this period, I've recorded for approximately 120 minutes. The last time I picked up the recorder, the screen was black and it would only record audio. I am very disappointed in the quality of this product and I would NOT recommend buying a Sony camcorder.

By User - Mark


User rating - - The Camcorder works but not able to download the picture to laptop because I missed the USB software CD. The company is not helped for software download.

By User - Rajeev.r

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