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  • Weight Watchers - Has helped millions all over the world lose weight. The Weight Watchers meetings work by a weekly Weigh-In which is private and discreet and your leader will support and encourage you throughout. more
  • Cafeslim - Offers the most personalised slimming program in the world and is the fastest growing healthy living website in the UK. With over 30 million people overweight & obese, Cafeslim has been developed for the UK market. more
  • eDiets - eDiets is one of the largest subscription based online diet, fitness and counselling centres with over 300,000 paid members. eDiets Europe has localised it's weight loss and fitness service for UK and Ireland. more
  • Online Slimming Club - One of the UK’s leading online diet and fitness club. Membership includes personalised diet programs, reports, progress tracking, fitness information, expert support and much more. more

  1. Diet Place - The Diet Plate - Portion Control made Easy. A new way to help you lose weight using visual markings to weigh your food portions.
  2. Healthy Forum - Contains over 3000 pages of free, high quality information about healthy living, diets, disorders and directories to help you live a healthier life, and offers high quality vitamins, formulas and supplements.
  3. Hoodia Diet Pills - Hoodia Gordonii Cactus can aid as part of a calorie controlled diet by naturally reducing your appetite and food cravings.
  4. Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills - Hoodia pills are not detoxifying, amphetamine, diuretic, orepherda weight loss pills, what Hoodia does is to suppress your appetite,stopping you from thinking about food, thereby reducing your caloric intake.
  5. Natural Weigh - Selling highly successful weight loss and health products direct to your door. Find weight loss products such as NoPhedra, Xenafex, Thermotropics, Extreme Coral Calcium and Extreme Power Plus II.
  6. Peteshealth - Contains a range of Herbalife products for dieting and skin care. The Herbalife weight loss product is a replacement shake that contains a range of carbohydrate's and protein's to support good health.
  7. Slimming Tablets - Site provides a number of different types of herbal slimming tablets including Trim right, trimmers and 24/7 online.


  • BBC Your Weight - Details on how to keep to a healthy weight, eat well and reduce your risk of heart disease.

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