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The web site shops below sell a range of computer and console accessories such as steering wheels for car racing simulation games. A lot of these steering wheels now have features such as force feedback, sensitivity control, analogue buttons, analogue foot pedals and adjustable steering angles. Companies such as Logic make steering wheels for the PC, Sony Playstation 1 and 2, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube.

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GAME - Steering Wheel are one of the console accessories available for purchase from GAME.

Comet - You can browse and buy Steering Wheel from the accessories section of computers at Comet.

  1. - Lotus Steering Wheel - comes complete with racing pedals and is easy to setup.

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Summary of Steering Wheels

There is a variety of Steering Wheels from a range of companies available at the moment at low / cheap prices. Sterring Wheels are good for racing games such as Coli Mcrae 3 and Grand Turismo 3.
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