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The most popular design size architecture of motherboards used in personal computers. When buying a computer case and motherboard it is important to make sure that they are of compatible size, and this is where a standard form factor size like ATX is very useful. There are various sizes of ATX form factors such as Micro, which would typically be 24 x 22 cm. Go shopping for AT / ATX computer cases at UK Shops listed at UK Shop Index. If you are looking for either midi or super tower computer cases that are AT / ATX compliant then the two shops opposite should sell them. You can find AT / ATX computer cases that includes features such as front USB / audio / firewire, cases made completely of aluminium, CE / EMC certified, 3.5 HDD case, 300w plus power supplies and are fully P IV compatible. For more computer hardware shops please check out our Computer Section.

 Recommended Resources
  1. Novatech - They offer over 9000 computer hardware lines from the world's leading manufacturers. They also sell a range of AT / ATX computer cases at discount / cheap prices.
  2. Misco - Simply Computers is one of the top computer based web sites in the UK. You can also search Simply Computers for a great range of computer hardware from a host of manufacturer's such as AOpen who make great ATX midi computer cases for PC's at cheap online prices from a host of manufacturer's.
  3. - Tutorials on how to make a case window, colored fan and stealth drive, plus articles and forum.
  4. Linear's Case Mods - Several walkthroughs of mods with pictures.
  5. Cool Computer Cases - Contains information about case modding.

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This page vovers the makers of computer cases as well as modification and/or decoration of cases, aka casemodding

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