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Kids / Children's shoes are probably the hardest out of the all the different age groups to buy for. The main reason being that Kids / Children's feet change size so quickly and this means it is very hard to decide what shoe size to buy. Luckily with certain shoe shops such as the "shoe shop" they offer you a feet measuring piece of paper so that you can at least get a better idea. Another bigger problem with Kids / Children's shoes and buying them on the Internet is that Kids / Children's usually go through numerous shoes at a shoe shop before they find one they like the feel off. This can be a problem with the Internet because you can try the shoes on before buying and may have to send them back. Apart from this though you can find low / cheap prices on the Internet for Children's shoes and the below web sites should enable you to fidn some of these offers.

 Recommended Resources

  1. Baby
    Order your personalised christening shoes from Kiddijoy - baby shoes for baby feet.
  2. Daisy Roots
    This site sells a great range of shoes for babies and toddlers.
  3. Kids Cavern, Liverpool
    Designer clothing and shoes from Kids Cavern in Liverpool's Cavern Walks designer shopping centre, in the north west of England.
  4. Shoe
    Centres of excellence for children's shoe fitting in the United Kingdom and Eire.

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