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Rotary were formed in 1895 when Moise Dreyfuss opened his factory in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds. Demand for good value, quality merchandise ensured the business grew quickly. Rotary has since remained in the family for four generations.

Some of their popular models are the Rotary,

  • Nurses Stainless Steel Fob Watch.
  • Gents Quartz Watch.
  • Ladies Quartz Gold Plated Watch.
  • Gents Quartz Gold Plated Bracelet Watch.
  • Ladies Gold Plated Quartz Watch.
  • Ladies Quartz Strap Watch.
  • Ladies 2-Tone Quartz Bracelet Watch.
  • Ladies Gold Plated Rennie Mackintosh Style Watch.
  • Gents Quartz Strap Watch.
  • Gents 2-Tone Quartz Bracelet Watch.
  • Gents Gold Plated Quartz Bracelet Watch.
  • Gents Gold Plated Quartz Bracelet Watch.

 Recommended Resources
  1. Goldsmiths
    One of the best known chain of jewellers on the UK high street. They sell Rotary.
  2. Argos
    Argos is a great online catalogue which needs no introduction. Argos have a section dedicated to mens and ladies jewellery and watches on their online catalogue web site. They have all the major brands such as Rotary watches for men and ladies at low / cheap prices.
  3. Littlewoods Index
    Over 40,000 inspirational products online - buy anything from fashion to furniture. You can even apply for 3 months interest-free credit. Littlewoods Index has a section dedicated to jewellery and watches with makes such as Rotary watches for ladies and men at low / cheap prices.
  4. Rotary
    Rotary Watches - Designer watches, contemporary classic watches for men, elegant essential watches for women, Swiss made wristwatches.
  5. Millers Jewellers
    UK jewellers established in 1866 and have sold the Rotary Watch collection since 1929.
  1. Rotary Commodere - It is slim 9ct gold auto watch.used every day, I have ...

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