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The Microsoft Xbox console is the most powerful games console in the UK and includes a seagate hard drive as standard unlike other consoles on the market. The Xbox has had surprising low sales and has had to lower it's price by half and is now competing with the Nintendo Gamecube to be the 2nd most popular console after the Sony Playstation 2. The Microsoft Xbox has now got quite a good range of games such as Halo, Fifa 2003, Colin Mcrae 3, James Bond Nightfire, Project Gotham Racing and more.

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  1. Console Review - The Xbox is very reasonably priced at £129, features.
  2. Morrowind - Not as good as I was led to believe but still the best rpg the xbox.
  3. Halo - The best game on the xbox by a country mile and an absolute must.

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Summary of Microsoft Xbox

After a slow start the Microsoft Xbox is starting to have more and more games released on it and now that it's priced at £120 it is a hardware bargain. With a hard disk included in this price and dvd player it is a great price.
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