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Jeans are prehaps the best selling fashion item alongside t-shirts. It's a rare case nowadays if someone doesnt own a pair of jeans. In the 1980's the most expensive pair you could buy on the high street was either Pepe or Levi. But the 1990's saw the introduction of the designer branded jeans. Major fashion brands such as Calvin Klein saw the huge profits that could be made. From an inexpensive piece of material they could sell their jeans for huge profits. This lead to other designer brands such as Versace, DKNY, Valentino, Gucci, Diesel, Calvin Klein, and DKNY enter the market. Now there are few designer brands who don't make jeans, this was unimaginable decades before. This has lead the middle of the road jeans brands such as Lee, Lee Cooper and Wrangler to lower prices and sell their jeans at much cheaper prices. Alongside this you can find brands such as Brooker selling jeans for £10. So currently there is a massive range of prices and qualities to choose from, this just wasn't the case before the 1990's.

Below please include reviews about jeans, and where to purchase cheap jeans if possible. We will then publish the the review / news about the Cheap Jeans on this page.


 Recommended Resources for Cheap Jeans

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Swerve - All the top names including Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, Tommy, Diesel, DKNY etc.

Yoox - Europe's leading source of designer fashion online, with designer Jeans for ladies & men.

Jeans Direct - Online jeans portal selling quality brands such as Lee, Levi, Wrangler, Docker.

Buy Jeans - One of the UK's premier site for Levis, Wrangler and Lee jeans.

 Cheap Jeans Reviews
  1. Levi 501 - Easily the best jeans I have ever owned and seem to last forever.
  2. Gucci Jean Skirt - 40 pounds off this jeans skirt which is well made and looks.
  3. Brooker Jeans - Has to be the cheapest jeans you can buy online at £7.99.

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