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The two stores that supply a great range of Intel Computer Hardware online at low / cheap prices. Whether you are looking for Intel processors or motherboards then the below UK stores should stock them. For more UK computer hardware shops then please check out our computer hardware section.

About Intel
Intel is behind everything from the fastest processor in the world to the cables that power high-speed Internet. Year founded: 1968 ; Number of employees: 80,000 ; Revenues: $26.5 Billion (2001) ; Products and services: over 450 ; Stock symbol: INTC ; Fortune 500 ranking: 41 ; Worldwide offices: 45.

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  1. Novatech - They offer over 9000 computer hardware lines from the world's leading manufacturers. They also sell a range of Intel computer processors at discount / cheap prices. Dabs have an excellent range of motherboards, processors and computer hardware at great prices.
  2. PC World Component Centre - PC World's web site offers a vast range of competitively priced products from thousands of carefully selected lines. You will find computer hardware, software and games available. PC World supply a great range of Intel products at discount prices.
  3. Intel Support and Downloads
    downloads, information, and contacts for support of Intel products.
  4. Intel in the UK - Intel(R) UK Home | Intel Worldwide, Where to Buy | Events | Contact Us | About Intel. Advanced. ... Intel in the UK. Intel Plays Key Role in Government Initiative.
  5. Intel Drivers - Atomixware System Designs, Nuclear Powered Gaming. Using the latest hardware and modern technology. High performance gaming computers. ... Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility. Download Utility
  1. Intel Xeon 1.8A - Xeon processor is designed for high-performance !

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- Dabs
- Dell
- Lastminute
- Littlewoods Index
- Phones 4u
- Tesco
- Screwfix
- Woolworths


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Summary of Intel

Intel are the most popular and well known maker of CPU's for the personal and corporate market. Since the introduction of the Pentium processor Intel has gone from strength to strength. Intel still relay on expensive marketing campaigns and a superior product to beat competitors such as AMD who make CPU's at much lower prices.
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