The most popular online Chat Programs

Exactly as it reads, chat rooms are places where you can talk to other people on the Internet. If you are looking for chat programs, below is a list of some of the popular available online,

  • MSN Messenger - You first need to create an email account at hotmail before you can use MSN Messenger. Microsoft MSN Messenger is an instant messaging system that allows use to exchange messages between hotmail account members. MSN Messenger has a useful search facility to find friends who use hotmail and MSN Messenger and is a fast and reliable messaging system.
  • AOL Instant Messenger - Again this is a very popular chat utility like MSN Messenger because it's simple to setup and use. Because AOL and MSN are ISP's as well it means AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger already have millions of users to begin with. A popular feature of AOL Instant Messenger is that you can add it to your web site.
  • ICQ- If you are looking for a chat program with the most features then ICQ is the package for you. Because of this ICQ is seen as the best chat program by long time users of the Internet. The downside to ICQ is that because you have so many features it can become very complex and difficult to understand for Internet beginners.
  • IRC - IRC was first implemented on Unix but has now been transferred to lots of systems such as Windows and Macs. You can use IRC on windows with either Mirc, Pirch and Virc or on Macs with Ircle and MacIrc. Just like ICQ, IRC is very popular with experienced Internet users but again can be very complex and difficult to understand for Internet beginners. Spam can also be a problem when using IRC.

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