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Below you will find some uk shops / stores that provide the best and cheapest  CD  Players and CD's. These uk shops provide a wide selection of CD Player manufacturers and of  CD's. CD-ROM's are used by personal computers to read data from CD's (compact disks). A compact disk can store 650mb of data and the majority of software applications and games (windows operating systems, FIFA football games) come on CD. Therefore it is vital to have a CD-ROM installed to run and install the latest software applications and games. CD-ROM's have now become quite cheap to buy and now run at speeds above 32x.

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  1. Comet - Comet supply a wide range of CD Players and CD Players's. Comet currently stock these brands of CD Players; Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, Sharp, and many others. Comet also run online deals at their web site with special offers not available at their high street stores / shops.
  2. Currys - Currys offers an extensive list of CD Players at cheap prices, they currently stock these brands of CD Players; Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, Sharp, Technics, Thomson, Denon, JVC, Goodmans and many others.
  3. CD-Recordable FAQ - This document attempts to answer Frequently Asked Questions about Compact Disc Recordable technology and related fields.
  4. CD - Independent CD and DVD (recording) news around the ...CD - Independent CD and DVD (recording) news around the clock.
  5. The CD Information Center - The CD Information Center is an industry-supported information source about Compact Disc manufacturing and publishing.

  1. Sony CDPXE270S - I picked out this cd model because it was among !

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Summary of CD Players

Apart from expensive systems like Denon, you majority of CD players are not single disc CD player but hold multiple cd's. The majority oc cd players are either3, 5 or 6 or even 10 cd disc changers, with expensive mega-changers which hold 20 or more CDs cost a lot more. It is a myth that all CD players sound the same, the quality does vary alot and the cables matter too.


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