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Caterpillar still build large construction machines but have recently had worldwide success with their clothing and footwear brand. Caterpillar / CAT makes shoes and boots for both men and women. Caterpillar first released their shoes / boots lines in the mid 1990's and have since been popular as a working pair of shoes or boots or as a fashion item.


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    boots and shoes built for work or play.

Posted on 01 / 07 / 2003

I used to try and buy a discount boot to work in but my feet started to hurt starting at my heel and then all the way up my ankle. I would go through a pair of these boots about every three months because I do have to walk alot in my job. I purchased my first pair of Caterpillar boots about three and a half years ago, I still have the last two pair one pair for work and one pair for when I ride my Harley. If five stars is all I can give this Caterpillar boot so be it but my feet stopped hurting when I got my first pair and that to me is worth a whole lot more than five stars. Thank you Caterpillar for this fine product.

User Rating -
Rick S. , Mesquite

Posted on 07 / 10 / 2004

I bought my first pair of Caterpillar boots when I was 15 before anybody had heard of Caterpillar, from the first place that I knew of to stock Caterpillar merchandise which was River Island. My mother refused to pay £80 for a pair of boots for me so we compromised at one boot each and split the price £40 each.

I gave them a hard life wearing them early in the morning on my newspaper round in all weathers and again after school, even playing football in them down the park. They've been worn regularly since in my various jobs most times from morning to evening, seven days a week. If I now tell you that I'm on my 4th set of laces and I'm not far off getting my 5th you might think that they're not that good. But if I tell you that I'm now 28 and they still look great, feel better than ever and are more comfortable than any shoes or trainers that I've ever owned I think that underlines my undying love for the sturdiness and longevity of Caterpillar boots.

User Rating -
Matthew Sadler

Posted on 31 / 10 / 2005

For several years I have had a pair of CAT brown sandals with a side buckle...I want another pair!!!! I cannot find a more hardwearing and comfortable sandal. Have CAT stopped making leather womens sandals? Can't seem to find them anywhere. Anyone able to help me out?

Don't know the same of the style, but they have like a tattice front, slip ons with the durable sole. Comfort rating of *****

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Susan Alexander

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