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  • Streetka from £12,495
  • 16" 6-spoke alloy wheels
  • Fabric-covered, manual folding roof
  • Thatcham Category 1 alarm
  • Stereo radio / CD player
  • Sports-style seats
  • Leather-wrapped sports steering wheel with aluminium inserts
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Electronic anti-lock brakes
  • Driver's and passenger's front airbags
  • Available in 1.6i petrol

 Ford Streetka Reviews

User rating -

I bought my Ford Streetka about 2 months ago now. The ford dealer was excellent in Blackpool. They even upgraded my car to the luxury, absolutely free and i had the car within 10 days, so no
problems there. I love the car, Don't get me wrong. But for £12,500, I was silly for paying so much.Like Zara,. My driver's window is extremely slow and has a tendency to stick. It drinks petrol and at also the age of 19, can' t really afford to keep paying so much for petrol. Apart from them few minor problems, the car is lovely. It looks well, and handles a dream, But as i said. £12,500! Too much for what it is. Next time a BMW.

By User - Shelley

User rating -

I took delivery of one of the first StreetKa`s. The car has been fine apart from the odd creak and groan from the suspension. My biggest gripe is the fact that the drivers seat belt fouls on the roof when it is up and the seat belt folds up in the guide. This stops the belt from opperating properly. The Answer - keep getting out of the car and release it. Thats because after all this time Ford still havent found a cure or modification for it and they are still making cars like it. How long before somebody goes through a windscreen???


By User - Toni

User rating - n/a
Model - Ford Streetka Winter Edition

I ordered the winter edition on thursday the 17th of June from Dagenham Motors Highbury London, I have been told that the black winter edition I ordered is being sourced from Spain which will take 2 weeks. Although if I want the siler I can have it sooner. I am 19 and have fallen in luv with the rear of the car. However the wait is on as the sales agent Jermain has promised me that the car would be with me before the end of june. Let's see what happens. Will update regulary. Went to a dealer in Barking, the demo car's roof wouldn't come up (how scary is that?)

RE : --- Still waiting for a response from dagenham motors of highbury as I have been assured I'd have my pitch black streetka b4 the 30th of june. Although the salesperson (Jermaine) who delt with my self now is dropping hits it might not be with me until July. On my order form it specifically states delivery: ASAP before 30th June 2004 also to close the deal when I intially went to the dealership the sales person said I'd get supaguard for free with my car which although he did not add to the form on the day, I managed to persuaded him to add to the form 24/06/04, now the sales peron is saying I can either have the supaguard or the 15000 nectar points (which by the way ford is offering all new customers anyway) What should I do? Also what am I entitled to and what should I do if the car is delivered after the 30th of june?

RE: --- Today was supposed to be the big day (the 30th of June). Car still hasn't been delivered as of yet and am waiting for it. The dealership have been useless, went on the 29th was hassled made a further 2 visits on the 30th and still no word on where my black streetka is and when it will be delivered.

By User - Zoheb

User rating -

This is an update review for my ford Streetka.

I have had my Streetka now for 6 months. Please if anyone is thinking of getting one DONT!!!! it was the biggest mistake ever.

For the first 2 months the car was great and the manufacture was spot on. They did upgrade my car free of charge which i was very grateful for.

In the last few months my cd player has packed up and just stopped working, Water was slowly leaking in through the seals, My roof has a tiny split in the plastic, down to the manufacture fault, my drivers door is constantly squeaking while driving and the drivers seatbelt is a nightmare.

I took the car back to ford when my cd player packed up. They took the whole cd player out of its compartment and left all the wires just hanging down, Looking a complete mess for approx 2 weeks. Not even a sorry. The looked and treated me like i had abusive it.

I have recently took my car back as when i was folding the roof back up the right hand side of the plastic cracked. I actually saw it. You again can clearly see itâ?Ts a manufactured fault as i have had advice of many garages telling me it is. I took it back and i was treated like complete dirt. They laughed at the fact the plastic had cracked and told me it wasnâ?Tt a manufacture fault. You can even see the other side starting to crack as you put the roof up and down. I took the car back Saturday and a salesman told me "Yes we have had a few of these returned due to roof faults like yours, The plastic is a little thick and is not giving as easily, Bring it back on Monday SO when i did they told me they hadnâ?Tt had any problems like this before and could not do anything for me. I am now having independent inspections, this as not good enough and the abrupt manor and sarcasm was just outrageous.


These are just s few of the problems i have had with this car.
I have had nothing but trouble with my car.
I never take the car back anymore when something goes wrong. You just end up no better off.

It's ridiculous.

By User - Shelley

User rating -

Don't Buy a Streetka - they are over priced, eat fuel, and after having mine nearly two years - I am still waiting for Ford to fix my leaking roof - AT LEAST THEY HAVE ACCEPTED THAT IT IS A MANUFACTURERS FAULT! (Only after fist saying that I would have to pay for it!) We should all go on one of those consumer programmes and show Ford up!

I am still waiting for the Technical Specification from Ford for the roof - I await with bated breath!

By User - Rebekah

User rating -

I bought my streetKA last Sept from Ellsemere Port. I had the car for 3 days and noticed a small leak on the passenger side window. I took the car to M53 Ford Ellsemere Port, they had it back to me within 3 days saying that mant of these cars have a similar fault amd it should be resolved. One week later I took the car back as it was still leaking. Ford said they could not deal with the car and they wanted to send it to Swansea. I was promised the car back exactley one week later. I am absolutely disgusted to say that 8 weeks later the car was brought back to M53 ford and the leak had caused damage to the engine management system. M53 said they no longer wanted anything to do with the vehicle and that they thought Ford headoffice should replace the car. When speaking to Ford customer assistance they told me that this was an option, but i would have to pay towards the new car, even though the damage was caused through a fault by ford. I refussed to pay anything and the car was then sent over to liverpool. They had it back to me working like a dream within one week, apart from the radio now didn't work. Two months later while doing 70mph down the moterway the whole engine cut out. I was just gliding in the middle lane surrounded by traffic. The car went back again. When it had the leak the engine had been damaged and rusted!!! The car has been given back to me again, with massive scratches all over the dash board. To which no-one will admit to.


By User - caroline

User rating -

Bought my 05 plate streetka from new, paid £13k and no interest over 4 years, bargain... or so i thought. seals coming away from windscreen, compartment for roof doesent open without a push, mould on window seals, roof torn away from metal bar at windscreen area, after 6 weeks a leak cased gear box and clutch to fail... 3am on M3... scary for a 22yr old girl on my own. Utter crap. DO NOT BUY ONE. Should have opted for Vauxhall Tigra!

By User - Lianne

User rating -

I agree that the car drinks lots of petrol, i have had no problems with my roof (touch wood!!) but i have had so many problems with my alarm just intermittently going off, it has been to the garage 3 times and it is still going off whenever it feels like, does any else have this problem?

By User - Amy

User rating -

My god you fill me with such confidence.......

I brought my Silver Streetka from Allen Ford in Nuneaton who i must say were absolutely brilliant, the hand over was excellent, took the car for a test drive - was a little nervous but hey new car.

Picked it up on 290705 on 280705 noticed back right light cluster had condensation in it, had that changed (not v happy) on my day off but it was done (free of charge), told them that the seal on my windowscreen was coming off they ordered a new one for me (haven't had a chance to get there yet!!), the drivers door is making a groaning noise so will tell them about that.

Petrol - i had a Saxo, VTR before so the petrol isn't that bad really.

Obviously the VTR is a lot nippier, but the Streetka wow it 'don't half shift' at the moment i'm quite happy with the car - sexy, funky the lot it is ace.

By User - Kerry

User rating -

I have to completely agree, that my car drinks a lot of fuel. I had problems right from the start, alarm going off for no reason after I had driven some distance. If anyone has had this problem it had a sensor near the exhaust which was getting too hot and kept setting it off! it's been fine since, also I had a leak on my passenger side window. They replaced the seals around the door and windscreen at least 3 times. This has also been fine since, just hate the fact I only now have 2 seats!
But apart from that I love the car!

By User - Louise

User rating -

I picked up my Streetka Luxury about a month ago now. 54 reg with 1 owner before me who had done 2,000 miles in it. I paid just under £10,000 for it which I thought was really cheap compared to the list price of a brand new one.

When I picked it up the alarm kept going off and I went back to the dealer and they explained why. In the compartment where the roof folds into, there is a sensor and if you don't slam the compartment door down hard enough when you put your roof up and down, it thinks the car isn't secure and therefore why the alarm keeps going off. I find putting both your hands along this compartment at either side (as much as possible) and then pushing it down hard always does the trick.

I love this car, and having 'down graded' from a Mini Convertible to afford a deposit for my first house, I thought I wouldn't like it as much as the Mini, but I like it more. The Mini gulped petrol and a tank of £40 lasted about a week and so to me the Streetka is great on fuel. No leaks, no problems and a fun little drive.

By User - Carly

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