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Prices from £ 9,995.00 to £ 16,095.00

  • Versions 1.4 ACTIVE
    1.6 DYNAMIC
    1.8 DYNAMIC
    2.4 ABARTH
  • Transmissions MANUAL 5-SPEED
  • Design has bold front air intakes, muscular side skirts and head turning rear light clusters.

 Fiat stilo Reviews


User rating -
Model - Fiat Stilo 1.6 Dynamic

To put it simply, its the WORST car I have ever had. I am currently on my third set of tyres from buying the car new. Now this set is worn to the inner cores and the car has only done 16000 miles!!
I have gone thru :-

1) 1 Main computer
2) 1 Air conditioning unit
3) Back door occasionally doesnt open
4) A multitude of warning lights flash every week
5) Rattling behind the front console
6) Rattling from the rear suspension
7) CD compartment door fell off (Complete front dash had to be removed
to fix this)
8) 3 sets of tyres
9) Drivers door lock became loose

Fiat innitially tried hard to fix the problems but now seem to have washed their hands of it. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!!!!!

By User - Graeme Davies

User rating -

Can't really fault the car. It's 18 months old now, has done 45000 trouble free miles and is running sweet as a nut touch wood. I get it independently serviced with an oil/filter change every 6000miles.
I easily get 600 miles plus out a tank and have on occaison still got 400 when pulling the caravan.
I haven't had the problems with tyres, I fitted a new set of Dunlops to the front at 28000miles.
They are now neading replaced as a set so no harm to them. Pulls my 1400kg caravan with ease although I would say the rear suspension is a bit soft when towing and can easily bottom out.
I get round this removing the jockey wheel when towing. The only problem I have had was with the Air conditioning.It wasn't cooling as it used to, this had been a long process. Again independently diagnosed as a manufacturing fault in the construction of the body of the condenser itself (small fracture allowing the coolant to escape) it was replaced under warranty with no quibbles.
The supplying dealer carried out the work a few weeks ago and all is now working fine.
The only critisism I have is the pricing of franchised dealers.They are a complete rip off and while the general motoring British Public continue to follow each other like lemmons of a cliff into the black hole that is the cost of their servicing they the franchised dealers will continue to overcharge and line their pockets with our hard earned and in most cases all to easliy parted with cash!


User rating -
Model - Fiat Stilo Active 1.6 02 52

Got Fiat Stilo been back in 6 times to dealer for inoperative Air Conditioning, Creaking Rear Axle, and Squeaking Clutch Pedal.

Last Night (30/05/2005) Got "Airbag Failure Switch off Engine" Message. I rang Fiat Assistance, explained the fault, and technical advisor advised me that they have had a technical bulletin from Fiat to confirm any vehicle displaying this fault should be recovered to a fIat Main Dealer, and should not be driven.

Car was towed in last night, i rang dealer (Fiat In Leeds) at 8.00am this morning, and phone constantly engaged, or i was placed on hold in queue. After 2 hours, of ringing i eventually managed to get through, to be told yes car was there but dont expect it to be looked at until at least tomorrow, and despite me having no transport, i was advised that if needed a loan car i would have to book at least 2 weeks in advance!!!

I rang up this afternoon, and 20 minutes later i managed to get through, to be told they might look at car tommorrow, and they were not aware on any airbag fault, and they advised me that any reapirs to the wiring or airbag would not be covered under warranty!!!

Nice car just let down by niggles, and poor dealers!!

By User - Daniel Aldridge

User rating -
Model - Fiat Stilo 1.9 jtd dynamic mul

Wow! This is a very good car. I have done 24k in 8 months. Fuel economy 55 mpg. No problems at all with the car or dealer. I can highly recommend this car over the normal boring german makes. No I don't work for Fiat, I am just a very satisfied customer!

By User - Philip

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