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Prices from £ 13,008.00 to £ 16,237.00

  • Versions 1.6 SX
    1.9 JTD SX
    1.6 ELX
    1.9 JTD ELX
  • Transmissions MANUAL 5-SPEED
  • This is a car with truly innovative styling, providing seating for 6 people and generous luggage space.
  • The design both inside and out is class-leading, providing a functional and versatile car for family motoring.
  • Voted "Top Gear Car of the Year" for 2000 and "Top Gear Family Car of the Year" in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

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Models - Fiat Multipla JTD

A beautifully designed and quirky vehicle, the Multipla may look strange on the outside but the interior is roomy and comfortable with many thoughtful additions, like the underfloor storage compartments in the rear and seats that can be folded up and their back used as a useful table with \'cuppies\' built in to them as well as the gear shift being placed in the most sensible place imaginable - right next to your hand! The mpg is awesome on the diesel, ranging from 40-46 depending on the the length and type of journey. It is easy to drive and the width is not sufficiently excessive to cause problems with driving or parking.

The downsize has been expense. My 2000 model needed two new front tyres, within 18 months. This was followed by the fuel limiter going west, which required a replacement. Then the drive belt was thrown off on two occasions. This was due to the tensioner being worn and mis-shaped so it damaged the belt. The tensioner had to be replaced. Recently, steering fluid was leaking (or rather pouring) from the vehicle. Originally the mechanic though it was a pipe but it turned out that the whole steering fluid assembly had to be replaced as it was faulty.

I love the Multipla - it should be such a wonderful vehicle. However, the cost of this new vehicle has been considerable and must be the result of either substandard parts or substandard assembly or a combination of both. It is the first Fiat I have purchased and is likely to be the last and yet the Multipla is the best designed vehicle I have ever owned.

By User - Tricia Buckman

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