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  • Fusion from £9,495
  • Intelligent Protection System (IPS) with dual-stage driver's and front passenger airbags
  • Central locking
  • Instrument panel-mounted flip-top storage compartment
  • Storage tray beneath flip-up front passenger seat cushion
  • 15" steel wheels with full wheelcovers
  • Stereo radio/cassette
  • Tilt-adjustable steering column
  • Available as a spacious 5-door
  • Durashift EST automatic shift manual transmission
  • Available in 1.4i petrol and 1.4TDCi common-rail turbo diesel
 Ford Fusion Reviews

User rating -

I have been driving Ford Fusion for about 8 months by now, and I think I have a couple words to share with whom has interest in. Fusion is a reduced sized SUV type car by which I was attracted most. I consider its outer design as both powerfull and gentle and the feeling inside the car is also strong. Cockpit design is closer to SUV vehicles yet I must confess that the quality of the material used in cockpit is not very high. On the otherhand lightning systems of the speedometer is quite attractive.

Suspension system of the car is honestly not comfortable. If you are looking for suspension comfort Fusion may not answer your needs. But its suspension system gives the car a better road grip and handling. It lets you take the corners safely. It is also usefull for the bad road conditions. Driving position of Fusion is comfortable and lets you master the road. View is very clear. The acceleration is quite satisfying when using Fusion 1.6. But engine is a bit noisy in high ravs and it is quite
disturbing when combined with the noise of the road, wheels and suspension system during bad road conditions.

CD player has an annoying habit of skipping even on bumps and small sized holes on the road. Manually operated rear windows and the uncomfortable location of the ontrol button for the side mirrors are out of fashion. Breaks are safe and confident with ABS system. Air conditioning is
working fine but it produces a lot of noise. As a conclusion Fusion is a good looking attractive car. Everything is satisfying except low suspension comfort and a few missed details in the car. One real handicap of the car is; even if you stop the car and leave it on gear, if you do not use the hand brake, car slides on the hills. I doubt if it is a techinal fault or not. Because other cars does not move on hills if you leave them on gear and you do not necessarily have to use the hand brake.

By User - Alp Mahir Akyuz

User rating -
Model - Ford Fusion 3 1.4 durashift

Generally well thought out. No lip to boot and slide-in seat heights very good. Driving position fairly good. Gearbox easy to use but will only tow 500 Kgs. Error in info plus not enquiring deeply enough myself at purchase, means I've had to sell my caravan. Economical and will reach decent speed on motorway but engine lacks 'go' and has no braking effect at all on descents in manual mode. I find seats very uncomfortable though wife likes them. Very reliable. Amazing capacity with back seat down for visits to B&Q etc. Shoddy space-saver spare. Good service from our local Ford dealer. Adequate though somewhat overpriced. I feel now, that we should perhaps have looked further and bought something better. I wouldn't buy another though I must admit that apart from the caravan problem it has done evrything we've asked of it quite satisfactorily.

By User - Denis Clarke

User rating -
Model - Ford Fusion 2 TCDi

The minute I got into the Fusion for a test drive, I felt totally at home. Is it a woman's car? Probably. And a good thing too. Nearly every review I\ve read of them by a man slams them, by a woman praises them to the skies. The seating is wonderfully high, firm and comfortable with excellent vision all round. The controls are well positioned and easy to use (ideal for little hands!). The sun screen is quite wide and so is effective (again great for smaller people who don't happen to be 6'+ for the usual far-too-narrow slivers provided in other vehicles).

It is nippy at take off and has an excellent gear box. Being a diesel it is very economical (I'm getting an extra 100 miles per tankful to my previous car, which had a 1400cc petrol engine). It handles really well, and living in a rural part of Wales that involves me driving along a lot of lanes, that is very important. Its turning circle is tiny, which makes parking, especially multi-storey parking, a doddle.

It looks good! My two teenage daughters love it and love turning up to places in it (something they wouldn't say if I'd bought a Fiesta). From the front, it looks very 4x4ish, though you can drive it without even a hint of guilt as it's so economic to run. It is so spacious with bags of space for everything.

There is of course a down side to everything. Yes, there's a lot of plastic in it. There's a bizarre waste of space - and very ugly - flip-topped holder (for what?) centrally placed just above the radio/CD player. Niggles, only niggles.

A great woman's car - economical, easy and fun to drive, spacious and looks GREAT.

By User - Marian Gwyn

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