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Date of Information 20/07/04

  • Calibra got introduced in 1989.
  • Standard engine - 1998cc 8v, also a 16v version.
  • Last 8 valve and 16 valve models finished in about 1997.

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Models - calibra 2.0 8v

This car is quite an old example of what vauxhall used to do right ,having just gone over 100k miles in it and having paid large sums to keep major mechanicals running it impresses for all the wrong
reasons. Because the car isnt the 16v version its economy averages at 30 mpg which close friends still disbelieve,also with the car being a re-shell of the cavalier it does'nt respond to being thrown about, and is therefore safe at any legal speed.The other reason my car is still going is because ADAM OPEL built it i wonder if id be saying all these things if it was made in luton.

By User - Ross Gardiner

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I have just bought a calibra and i am very well satisfied though it is 9 yrs old, but it still is wonderful with its mettalic blue colour. Buying this car i have fulfilled my dream of buying a sports car.

By User - : shah

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