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The 3 Series Saloon range offers a vast amount of choices:

  • Four-cylinder Valvetronic engines

  • Six-cylinder engines

  • Striking exterior and interior design

  • 320dES wins WhatCar? award

  • 320 diesel Saloons become Euro IV compliant
 BMW 3 Series Reviews

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Review of BMW 3 convertible

If BMW needs a fan I'll definitely be the first to put my foot forward. My first car was a 2000 series and it was also the first to break my heart. Someone took it for a joy ride and destroyed it near Harlow. Not too many cars later my soon-to-be husband brought me home a wonderful BMW 325i - it was love forever, both the car and the man. The car (Mr Zippy) was fast, flashy and behaved like a grand prix dressage horse - every wish was my command. The three of us explored Europe, man and I enjoyed our honeymoon with it and eventually we took it to Australia where after 267,000 miles we traded it in for a new 3-series. A well behaved 320i which we found a little lack-lustre after Mr Zippy so we moved onto a whopping great 735i executive. We took this beast ski-ing, unintentional four-wheel driving, used it as a limousine for our business but found the call of the 3-series too great. We now have an awesome 325i convertible which is getting a bit old at the age of 9 years but it still draws glances of admiration, has been extremely reliable and although we love it we are about to put an order in for M3 convertible and perhaps the X5 to replace our well worn Range Rover (nearly a BMW but not quite). If you are considering a BMW the signature tune of
"Sheer Driving Pleasure" is well versed. As a total \"blond\" with family and business to organise on a daily basis I put my trust in the engineering in these cars to get me through the day and night throughout the year. I am sure you can do the same.

By User - Debbie, Yawalpah

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