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Date of Information 01/07/04

  • What Mazda6 says
  • Price from £14,600
  • Their brand new range of MZR (petrol) engines, they include 1.8, 2.0 and 2.3 litre four cylinder petrol engines.
  • Find the low-emission MZR-CD common-rail Diesel engine, available in two power variants that both deliver 310 Nm of low-end torque and refinement normally associated only with petrol engines.
  • What Car? | Jan 2004 “It (the 6) was practical, with a spacious, comfortable cabin and a huge boot”

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Mazda 6 TS2 136 deisel

Not only a handsome car with a purposeful, sporty and mildly aggresive look, but there's method in the madness with a broad stance, poise, balance and athleticism - which all makes for a satisfying
drivers car. Whilst the Avensis looks middle aged and is good on motorways, this is the reverse, made for people who still like a bit of a drive, who may hit motorways but who also want the agility needed for country lanes and sharp corners. Equipment is great on the TS2 - and the boot is revelation. Am also saving a mint on Company car tax as the deisel is Euro 1V compliant in
saloon/hatch format and that's a saving of 3% on tax. Have traded in L\' Rover Freelander TD and am having more fun AND saving about £1500 in tax!

User - Guy Storrs

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