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Date of Information 20/07/04

  • What Honda says
  • Price from £17,013
  • it's a 21st-century hybrid coupe that makes a real contribution to protecting the environment.
  • For a mass-produced petrol engine car, the Insight achieves the world's lowest fuel emissions and the world's lowest fuel consumption.
  • Even the Insight's exterior is radical; made from a new Honda-developed aluminium body with high levels of rigidity, it weighs 40% less than its steel equivalent.
  • And the streamlined nose, low height and tapered roof help maintain one of the lowest drag coefficients of any mass produced car in the world.

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User rating -

Amazing economy. On a run at a constant-ish 60mph my best was 116mpg from Bury to Preston in Lancashire. The air-con will reduce this considerably though. On average over 49,000 trouble free miles the car did 81mpg. This includes urban driving and rapid motorway driving.

The car sits very low and has very stiff suspension. This let me go round roundabouts far quicker than the average car. Much to the annoyance of Mr Mondeo/Vectra rep. The seats are very figure hugging and hold you in place completely.

Their is no need to treat the car any differently than a small turbo charged car as the charging of the batteries is automatically done and even uses the braking energy to recharge them. Then when you want more go the electric motor kicks in like a turbo and you can scoot off down the road at up to 112mph.

The equipment levels are high and include fully automatic climate control.

Servicing costs are ridiculously low as the elctrics are service free and the petrol engine is only a 1 litre 3 cylinder engine.

Don't buy one unless you can live with only 2 seats and a small boot.

If you do want to buy one, buy a second hand one from the north of England or Wales or Scotland as the prices in London & the south are several thousand pounds higher. In the North they start from around £4,000 for a W reg. In London, Honda would sell this car for at least £7,000.

And people will stand and stare. One trick of my fellow motorway users would be for the odd driver to slow down while overtaking and sit on my back corner pointing at the car, along with their passenger(s).

For the giggle factor, the high mpg, the ridiculously low servicing costs and no congestion charging I give the car 5 stars out of 5.

By User - Stephen

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