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I picked up my Streetka Luxury about a month ago now. 54 reg with 1 owner before me who had done 2,000 miles in it. I paid just under £10,000 for it which I thought was really cheap compared to the list price of a brand new one.

When I picked it up the alarm kept going off and I went back to the dealer and they explained why. In the compartment where the roof folds into, there is a sensor and if you don't slam the compartment door down hard enough when you put your roof up and down, it thinks the car isn't secure and therefore why the alarm keeps going off. I find putting both your hands along this compartment at either side (as much as possible) and then pushing it down hard always does the trick.

I love this car, and having 'down graded' from a Mini Convertible to afford a deposit for my first house, I thought I wouldn't like it as much as the Mini, but I like it more. The Mini gulped petrol and a tank of £40 lasted about a week and so to me the Streetka is great on fuel. No leaks, no problems and a fun little drive.

By User - Carly

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