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Canon are a Japanese company which make a range of electrical products such as cameras and pc printers.

About Canon
While Canon, the top manufacturer of cameras, has successively developed new technology to capture images accurately and reproduce them with a high level of expression, it is also promoting a wide range of research and development toward the further evolution of optical technologies utilizing its accumulated know-how in fields from copying machines to laser printers and highly advanced steppers.

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Posted on 09 / 09 / 2003

Canon i850 printer

I’ve been searching for a good photo printer for quite a while and I chose the Canon i850 after spending a few hours doing research on the Net. I decided on the i850 ink-jet because of it's good I will not go over the spec's as they are available from Canon or from other reviews output, resolution in DPI, the speed of it's printing, cost per page and the noise produced. All this was better on the Canon i850 compared with a similarly priced HP 5700 printer and a Lexmark I forget the model name off. After buying the ink-jet printer last friday from pcworld for £150 it has arrived today on tuesday. It took me about an hour from the time the box was opened to the first print. This included installing all of the software and all six ink cartridges. No problems with the drivers or with the software installation. I have found the type of paper you use and the quality of the photo makes a huge difference in print quality and the low total cost of ownership and per picture cost combined with the excellent print quality makes this a great printer.

User Rating -
Tom Tucci, Wigan

Posted on 03 / 09 / 2003

Canon A300 camera

The A300 is almost perfect for people travelling on holiday, hikers, and backpackers because its small size allows it to be taken virtually anywhere. Unlike most small cameras the A300 has a wide variety of creative features and allows considerable user input into the picture making process.
The A300 features a good quality a digital zoom up to 5.1x magnification with a built-in lens cover. I can recommend this neat little camera enthusiastically. If you need a bit more zoom, spring for a more expensive model, such as the the Powershot A400, which has a six X zoom.

User Rating -
Greg Tally

Canon Powershot A80

User rating - - I have the A80 for nearly a year now and i must say that i am very happy with it. The big plus is the twisteble screen. The two biggest downpoints are: 1. When pressing the button when you want to make a photo there is a delay between pressing the button and making the photo. Therefor you miss a lot of good moments. 2. On automatic lots of photos are too light cause of the flash. For the rest, it is a beautiful camera to have.

By User - Rob