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Bush manufacture a range of electrical products at low prices. You can find Bush electrical products such as televisions, hifi players, personel stereo's, cd players and much more. With Bush you get electrical products that are well made and reliable but don't cost a fortune and put you in debt. Argos and Comet sell a wide range of Bush electrical products including goods such as televisions and hifi players.

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  1. Argos
    Argos is a great online catalogue which needs no introduction. Argos have a section dedicated to electrical products and goods on their online catalogue web site. They have all the major brands such as Panasonic and Sharp. Argos also sell a range of Bush electrical products and goods such as Bush televisions and Bush Video recorders at low / cheap prices.
  2. Comet
    Comet supply a wide range of Bush electrical appliances. Comet caters for Washing Machines, Widescreen TV's to the Latest in Home Computing. Check for the latest Bush electrical products and goods at Comet at low / cheap prices.
  3. Goodmans.co.uk - Manufacture Bush
    Goodmans Industries Ltd markets a wide range of entertainment products at the forefront. Find information about the bush brand which are made by goodmans.
  1. Nicam VideoPlus - I got this Bush Video recorder from my local tesco store.
  2. Bush Widescreen Televisions - I have had 2 Bush 28 inch widescreen televisions.
  3. 32 inch Bush Widescreen - This week l ordered from argos a 32 inch Bush tv.
  4. Premier Electric Kettle - This Bush kettle was won in a raffle about 3 yrs ago.
  5. Bush 6693D 28in - This TV which has a great picture and good surround sound.

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All I can say about a bush tv is don't touch one. Cheap yes but you'll see why when they break down after several months. We have had three and the longest one has lasted is 14 months. To add to this they can cause major interference to other electrical products in the home. Ours even set off our car alarm. we contacted bush but they were not interested. We are now attemting to sue the store or bush for faulty goods. I am not certain but I have been told several goodmans and alba tv's are the same as the bush but just badged differently.

User - john leighton

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