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Burberry are a U.K. based outfitter, many of their clothes are often in a distinctive check pattern. Burberrys has become very popular as a casual clothing company and since the late 1990's has been seen more and more at football grounds. Burberry handgear such as Burberry designer caps has become probably the most popular fashion accessory seen at football grounds in the UK. Both HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH The Prince of Wales have granted the company Royal Warrants.

- famous Burberry check

History of Burberry

Burberry was founded in 1856 when 21 year old Thomas Burberry a former apprentice to a country draper opened an outfiitters shop in Baskingstoke, Hampshire, England. Thomas Burberry main claim to fame is that he invented gabardine fabric. This fabric is hardwearing, water-resistant, but also breathable. In 1891 Burberry opened a shop in the Haymarket, London. This still stands today as the company's headquarters.

Latest News

In 2001 Burberry opened a Los Angeles flagship store in Beverley Hill, USA. Burberry has also just opened a new store in Barcelona in Spain.


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Posted on 25 / 07 / 2003

I see burberry as a beautiful type of material which gives you the sense of imagination and creativity. I own eight pairs of burberry jeans, 3 burberry handbags, six hats, four bottles of burberry perfume, eleven burberry tops and now also a new owner of the the latest burberry air force ones.( I will soon be wearing the latest burberry timberlands !). Everyone knows me for wearing burberry frequently, and they think it looks great, everytime they see me wearing a new burberry product they envy me and ask where I got it from, then I later see them wearing the same burberry product thst I own- you see I\'m simply a burberry trendsetter. I have spent around £3000 buying burberry products and I will continue to shop and buy whatever the burberry market has to offer me. To be honest you could say that I am a slave for burberry!Overall I rate burberry 5 out of 5 becasuse I have a full wardrobe of it !

User Rating -
Chrissie Adegasoye, Stratford

Posted on 16 / 03 / 2005

Burberry does v.nice clothes and is only seen as chavvish because footballers\' wives (hello, yes I am speaking of YOU, Colleen) wear it, and because everyone is jealous of their ridiculous money levels, they grab fakes from the market and pass them off as real. Personally I think this is ludacrois and stupid, as money is something we all want, but lots of us just pretend we have. Why should money be such a big issue? You can get clothes NICER than the ones seen in designer shops (such as Burberry, Gucci and the less expensive ones such as FCUK or Ted Baker) for HALF the price, or maybe even more!! Although, you could argue that designer clothes last A LOT longer - but, really, do you want them to last THAT long? Especially when you are a teenager (like me, I am 13) when you are problably going to wake up one morning what seems like a foot taller! And if you, like moi again, are prone to spillages with food and drink (especially the ones that stain - try getting coffee, ribena and ketchup out of a white school blouse! Major nightmare for my mum!) then why would you want to fork out £50 for a white Versace T-Shirt, when you are just paying for a long-lasting T-Shirt, spelling 'VERSACE' on the front (which, in my case, is destined to soon destined to be ruined by some chocolate ice-cream - A GIRL HAS GOTTA EAT!!)! It is simply craaaaazy! Lovin the Burberry scarves & bikinis though!

User Rating -

Posted on 30 / 03 / 2005

They're HOT! They look good on younger girls and older woman too! It's like they go both ways. And are very comfortable. I deffinetely recommend them and if you're thinking about buying one-DO!

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