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Check for Burberry designer clothes at the shops below. Burberrys has become very popular as a casual clothing company and since the late 1990's has been seen more and more at football grounds. Burberry handgear such as Burberry designer caps has become probably the most popular fashion accessory seen at football grounds in the UK

About Burberry
Burberry was founded in 1856 when 21 year old Thomas Burberry a former apprentice to a country draper opened an outfiitters shop in Baskingstoke, Hampshire, England. In 2001 Burberry opened a Los Angeles flagship store in Beverley Hill, USA. Burberry has also just opened a new store in Barcelona in Spain.

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    View presentation video and ad campaign gallery and get stockist information.
  1. Review 1 - I see burberry as a beautiful type of material.
  2. Review 2 - Burberry does v.nice clothes and is only seen as chavvish.

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Summary of Burberry

Burberry are a fashionable brand who make casual mens and womens / ladies clothes such as casual jackets, shirts, caps and more. Burberry are best known among the younger the generation for their caps which are the height of fashion at football grounds in the UK.
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