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The Day of the JackalFrederick Forsyth's bestselling thriller tells the story of an anonymous Englishman who, in the spring of 1963, was hired by Colonel Marc Rodin, Operations Chief of the OAS, to assassinate General de Gaulle and to change the course of history.


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Such a celebrated thriller as this needs no introduction, but here goes anyway: In 1963, a secret para-military group, desperate to overthrow French President Charles de Gaulle, contracts an anonymous young Englishman, given the code-name Jackal, to assassinate him.

That's pretty much it. What follows is 400 and odd pages of incredibly detailed and exciting story, with the Jackal, on one hand, crafting a convoluted and intricate plan to kill de Gaulle during an very public event, and on the other a French detective named Lebel who's desperately trying to piece the Jackal's jigsaw together and catch him first. The two stories collide in an incredible climax.

What appealed to me most about this book was the author's amazing picture of the Jackal. He's described by Forsyth as an inhumanly methodical and careful man, who only shows brief glimmers of any humanity whatsoever. Lebel, on the other hand, is driven to distraction trying to chase him as he chameleonically changes his identity a number of times, and having to cope with de Gaulle's total refusal to admit there is even any danger.

This is what thriller-writing is all about.

User - papps0001 from St Helens, Merseyside United Kingdom

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