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The Color Purple

Set in the segregated world of America's "Deep South", this work tells the story of Celie. Raped by the man she calls "father" and having had her two children taken from her, she meets Shug Avery - a glamorous singer and magic maker, and discovers the love and support of a woman.


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The color purple is a book of contradicatory feelings and characters. At times the book repelled me so that i didn't want to carry on reading, yet the next morning I picked it up and felt compelled to continue. It is a dark book, yet round every corner hope awaits. The main character is one of the most unselfish people I have yet to experience in a book... and yet she calls every male but those she can relate to, by the phrase Mr. ___. This is basically what the plot involves, a woman's fear and survival in a world dominated by men, whites and prejudice. Her way of dealing with this is at first to block them out, which is symbolised by the way the men who intimidate her are not named. This is also done so the reader can relate to her experiences... and is done effectively. What really signified the happy ending for me though, was when the main character calls her husband by his name for the first time. The book is a simple one, laid out in a plain format which is at first hard to understand, as it is written in "backwards" English, to use a very prejudiced phrase. Parts are dark, as I have said before, and parts are humourous. The whole of the book is extremely thought provoking, with discussions about what the best way to fight is, who God is, woman's place in the world, and racial topics. But for all that, the storyline is never stodgy but written very cleverly.
It is not a brilliant book. It is an earthy, clever, soft, sharp, hopeful book, but it is not brilliant. And I'm glad it's not brilliant... why? For the simple reason that a brilliant book could not appeal as this one does.

User - womble873 from Kent

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