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Golding's best-known novel is the story of a group of boys who, after a plane crash, set up a fragile community on a previously uninhabited island. As memories of home recede and the blood from frenzied pig-hunts arouses them, the boys' childish fear turns into something deeper and more primitive.


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I am in year 10, and I am doing this book for GCSE english. my teacher picked it out for the whole class, and I didn't know wether to trust him when he said that it was really good. we have all read it, and now we are going through it as a class. I have found it really interesting as I have read it, and I would really reccomend it to anyone. I have really enjoyed it.

User - me from birmingham, england

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This book is definitely worth reading if you're trying to accomplish some giant task of reading all the best novels of our time, but if you're a scarce, apathetic person it would be a bit of a bore compared to some of the better stories. The story starts with a group of young boys who are, to conserve the plot, I'll say marooned on an island. No adults survived or at least made it to the island; in turn, they are forced to establish their own society. The book really attacks the flaws of human nature and the corruptness of society. (It also poses a pretty good dasher to the world peace goal) I'd strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in psychology or sociology, but to the average reader it's just a dreadfully predictable and banal story. Overall, I'd rate the story fairly average, depending on your own credences I could see how someone could differ from my opinion in either direction.

User - Adam, US

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