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Full CircleIn this account of the third of Michael Palin's travel adventures for BBC Television, he journeys for almost a year, covering 50,000 miles and all of the 18 countries that border the Pacific Ocean, encompassing a wide diversity of landscape, culture and people. The Pacific Rim is one of the world's most volatile areas, with economies that are expanding faster than anywhere else on earth - and here the earth itself is in a constant state of flux. Not for nothing is the Pacific coastline known as the "Ring of Fire" - volcanoes mark Palin's journey like stepping stones, and he climbs one which has recently erupted and is still smoking. He negotiates mountains and plunging gorges, crosses glaciers, dodges icebergs, follows great rivers such as the Yangtse and the Amazon, and confronts the notorious Cape Horn and the wild and windswept beaches of western Alaska. The people Palin meets include one of the few remaining survivors of a Siberian Gulag camp, head-hunters in Borneo, and Japanese monks. He eats maggots in Mexico, rustles camels in the Australian desert, lands a plane in Seattle, and sings with the Pacific Fleet choir in Vladivostock.


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Michael Palin's adventures without doubt have caputured people's imagination. Most of the time Michael Palin seems to be enjoying himself in hi own idiosyncraitic way. With previous journeys Around the World In 80 Days and Pole to Pole under his belt it seems that Full Circle wasn't something that he was to keen on doing. Starting his adventures in Alaska and making his way through the bleak Eastern Russian seaboard through into China and Vietnam. Unfortuntely Palin's wife suffers from a brain tumour whilst he is the Phillipines he shares his worries and concerns as he makes a round trip from Northern Australia back home and bravely returns to complete the adventure. The disappointing thing about the audiobook is you only get an abrigded version of Palin's adventures and don't match the TV series for humour or fun.

User - Jonathan Maher from Rochdale, Lancashire United Kingdom

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