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Recommended Top Listings
  • Ebay - Online UK auction for buying new and used products. You can bid and trade for a wide range of products, such as televisions, computers, stamps, toys, mp3 players. Ebay are one of the most popular UK auction Web sites.
  • Comet Clearance Auctions - Comet clearance auction section at their Uk site allows people to bid of electrical items returned to Comet by their customer. You can bid on auctions for products such as televisions.
  • Amazon Auctions - UK based person to person online auctions of unusual, rare and collectable items. Organized by category with search available. Also lists some items for UK Sotheby's auction house in London.
  • Auctionair - We have had over 1,800 successful bidders who have either made an incredible dream come true or landed some cracking bargains, or both since they launched their first auction on British Airways in July 2001.

  • Bid-up TV - Digital tv auction program in the UK which allows you to bid on products such as Clothing, Electrical, Entertainment, Home, Jewellery, Sports & Health, Toys & Games and Watches.
  • Flogshop - The webs newest "Free to Sell" Online Auction. Buy, Bid, Sell and Swap for Free. The perfect Ebay alternative. Massive range of categories to list your items on.
  • MSN Auctions - MSN Auctions offers a wide variety of different online auction categories. MSN are a web portal created by Microsoft and it also includes a search engine and email facilities with hotmail.
  • QXL MaxBid - One of the UK's newest auction sensation where bidders can bid for products at a fraction of the normal retail price. Bids are kept secret during the course of the auction, the number of bids is limited per auction.
  • Yahoo Auctions - Use the resources of Yahoo! to buy and sell. A popular portal site for UK users to bid and sell on a massive range of items such as electrical appliances, music cds, furniture, dvds, posters, clothes and more.
  • Wamee - Buy or sell almost anything, whether new or used. There is a huge range of categories, from cars to cameras, houses to holiday homes, DIY to DVD, Clothes to Computers, Sports Goods to Sunglasses, and more.


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