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If you looking for Apple Powerbooks and iBooks with features such as 667mhz, 800mhz processors, 40gb hard drives and dvd-cdrw drives then shop at Jungle. When buying a Apple computer you can get a Applecare protection plan which lasts for three years incase any hardware should go wrong and be faulty A laptop computer is exactly the same as a desktop computer but is condensed to a size that is portable. The name laptop comes from the fact that the computer is small and light enough to fit on your lap and work from. Apple iMac Laptop Computer are useful for people who need to use a computer at home and at work. One problem with Apple iMac Laptop Computer is that they are usually more expensive then a desktop computer which contains the same components.

Apple Models,

- Additions Direct
- Dabs
- Dell
- Lastminute
- Littlewoods Index
- Phones 4u
- Tesco
- Screwfix
- Woolworths

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