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Since 1951 Aiwa has specialised in high quality audio products, continually developing and introducing new technologies to business and consumer markets throughout the world. Today, Aiwa places even more importance on performance, quality and innovation, and invests an unusually high proportion of sales income to research & development. Recent examples are valuable features such as anti-shock personal CD players for sports and fitness enthusiasts and the award-winning anti-theft device integrated in many VCRs to reduce crime.
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  1. Aiwa AMX9L - recordable persoanl minidisc player with a great backlit LCD inline.
  2. Aiwa XP-V70 - I am a runner and needed a cd player that wouldn't skip like.
  3. Aiwa XRMN5 - This micro hi fi is very good. Sound is good and lots of features.

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Aiwa of late don't seem to be releasing as many hifi stereos and the like as they used to be. They mainly stick to making hifi stereos, cd players, dvd players, mindisc players and audio equipment. he quality of these items are usually high and the cost usually below that of competitors such as Sony and Panasonic.
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