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ADSL is shorts for and stands for "Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line". ADSL is a broadband connection technology which utilises existing copper wired telephone networks. ADSL uses a wide range of frequencies over an existing telephone line to deliver much higher speeds than your standard 56k modem (between 10 and 40 times faster). Check through the hardware computer shops opposite which are listed at UK Shop Index for ADSL external and internal pci modems at cheap online prices. ADSL PCI modems are a standard PCI Card type ADSL Modem and can be easily installed into a standard PC for accessing the internet. A good quality modem is becoming an essential part of a good internet connection that gives a fast and reliable connection to the Internet for hours on end. ADSL can used by almost anyone who can apply, such as the education sector, voluntary sector, public sector, small businesses, corporations, home users and youth. For more computer hardware shops please check out our Computer Section.

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PC World
PC World's web site offers a vast range of competitively priced products from thousands of carefully selected lines. Browse PC World for a range of computer hardware like adsl modems at low / cheap prices.

WStore is one of the top computer based web sites in the UK. You can also search WStore for a great range of computer modems such as adsl internal and external modems at cheap online prices from a host of manufacturer's.

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