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They specialise in fine tea and coffee, tableware, coffee and tea equipment.


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They have branches opening all over the south east, like an invasion of starbucks. Unlike starbucks my visits have never failed to disappoint at Whittard.

The stores have a lovely relaxed atmosphere, where you can merander and take in the lovely aromas, enjoy some free testers if lucky and usually end up buying a small fortune of beans and equipment.

For those of you looking for a bargain I have visited one of their outlet stores, again everything they stock is pure quality but the prices seem a fraction of the amount. Their selection is larger as well, with more teapots, cafetieres, teacups, saucers, espresso sets and differently patterned mugs to pick from.

The only thing which may put people off is the price, they certainly aren't the cheapest on the market. They do have the occasional slightly discounted price, but nothing low enough to equate to supermarket prices.

I have always believed you get what the pay for, and with Whittard the pay more because it's pure quality.

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