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A standard washing machine these days seems to have spin cycle of 600-1400RPM which means the faster the spin speed, the more water is removed from your clothes. Some washing machines also have pc company systems that enables the machine to be reprogrammed electronically as new modifications are introduced by the manufacturer and come with extra large 300mm doors open to a full 156 degrees making it easy to load and unload. You can also find washing machines with the option of using a low temperature wash to freshen up lightly soiled garments - which saves time and money.


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  1. Hotpoint WMA54N - 1200 spin speed washing machine that it is easy to use.
  2. Whirlpool AWM1203 I decided to make a long term investment in a washing.

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  1. Spin Efficiency
  2. Auto Half Load
  3. Economy Wash
  4. Silk Wash
  5. Woolmark Approved



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Summary of Washing Machines

Washing Machines have come down in price alot, with a the lowest / cheap price being around £200 going up to £700 for an expensive washing machine with all the features. Some things that put people off washing machines are new digital controls and sensors which could mean there is more to break down, something everybody knows happens to washing machines
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