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Virgin Net was the ISP that was awarded the best ISP dial up by the PC Pro award for 2002.

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The sole reason I picked Virgin's ADSL service was NO CONTRACT, it makes the process much more simple to set-up. I have recently canceled with BT after two years of hell. But they wouldn't let me out until my year's contract was up. This time I wasn't going to make the mistake of hooking myself into an annual contract. With Virgin all I needed to do was sign-up via their website, then I gave them my bank details (I decided to pay by direct debit per month for their £24.99 package). You can also use a credit card if you do not have a debit card. At the time of sign-up you also received a modem, two filters and the initial set-up fee for free (I have no idea if this offer still stands). It only took a few days for my free modem to arrive, it also had the filters, a CD and a few leaflets with instructions how to set it all up. But even when you get all these free bits and bobs you still can not complete the sign-up process. You need to wait a few more days for BT to activate your line and then you can begin the connection and sign-up process using the Virgin software. Again I found this process simplicity itself; all I needed to do was enter my username and password that I was provided with by Virgin. The signup process was real nice but the problems began with the actual web connection. The more I used it the slower it became until it began to crawl. There are major advantages to this service as long as your not a heavy user lie myself.

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