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The Tote have been around since 1929 and provide bettors with the assurance and credibility.


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I signed up with Totesport during Euro 2004 championships in Portugal. I signed up because of their £50 bet match special offer. I therefore bet £50 on an England group match and then this bet sum was matched by Totesport. I made a nice profit over two matches before I bet on England beating Portugal in the quarter finals, which I think they would have if Rooney wasn't injured. I visited the site recently to check on the odds for the upcoming World Cup in Germany this year. They are currently offering the same 100% match bonus on your first deposit. This time it's now £100, so a big increase from 2004 when I signed up. I am sure you can make some money if you choose safe options. Personally I have not played at their site since the Euro championships, I prefer just to bet on the big football touraments when I can watch all the games and can gain a better insight into how the teams are performing. It was easy to register for an account and easy to withdraw my money with no hassle involved. One thing that makes the site less appealing for me is you can only bet on sports. I have noticed that other bookmakers sites do not restrict betting to just sport. Other bets can be placed on things such as political elections, and big brother phone in results for example.

By User - m. johnson