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Tooled Up offer over 27,000 products and is the online arm of Lee Industrial Ltd.


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Only problem I found was actually using the site, it's a little bit too complicated and not clear and easy to use. But apart from this it provides all the relevant information needed, although it took me five minutes just to find there contact page. They do have a wide range of Tools for the DIY-er and professional user. They also offer all the leading brands, including Draper and Sealey tools. The prices are also some of the best online.

User - seawolf

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They had an excellent price and very friendly service over the phone. I found the Sealey AK2665 for a lower price than anywhere else. Most of my friends say that often the test of a good company comes when all goes wrong with an order. In this respect Tooled Up has acquitted themselves well on two occasions. Both times the products I had purchased were less than satisfactory, including a circular saw (both branded tools, so not Tooled Up fault). They happily gave me a full refund, and were very helpful in recommending other products. They also had contact details for the supplier so I could contact them outlining the fault, so hopefully they could in future rectify it. Highly recommended company.

User - David James

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I think on average most items have at least a 10% discount for stuff you'd find in your local B*Q. Places like Focus do have a price promise, but I never take much notice of that because they are usually expensive. At least with Tooled Up they just have low prices period, they do not really advertise the brand very well, I only heard it by word of mouth, from a number of my friends who have bought from them and were are pleased with the service.

User - Oliver Newgent