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Teletext Holidays now have a website to advertise their holiday service you can find your their television service.


Posted on 20 / 09 / 2005

One of the best place to look for a cheap holiday, but there are many horror stories because they use plenty of dodgy operators and you never really know what your buying. So it's risk risk risk when it comes to teletext. The website may help in this respect as your provided with more information I suspect, Teletext allows have provided the necessary primary information, but there has always been plenty of cowboy unprofessional tour companies. Just be careful and you may secure yourself a bargain

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Pippy, Liverpool

Posted on 29 / 04 / 2006

If you want any in-depth information about the holiday offer then dream on, you will be lucky if you even find out where you will be staying. The only way usually is by phoning up, but that can cost money and I do not wish to find out the basics of a package by phoning up. I just want to read it. I tried it, found it frustrating beyond words and will never try again. They do provide a large selection of holidays, flights and breaks displayed on the site but without some basic information it's useless.
Ok some of them are free phone companies, but it's still a hassle. Also I read the prices you pay may change down the line, the operators have this option. I do have to commend Teletext on a nice looking site which is easy to navigate, as is the teletext version to be honest. If it wasn't for lack for basic information and price changes I would be sold on the service.

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